Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just Ask V

For a long time (as long as I can remember) people have come to me for advice. As with anyone, sometimes its good advice, sometimes its great advice and sometimes its just plain rotten advice.

Or so I thought.

Last night I got a question from a friend which made me wonder if the "cosmos" had something else in mind for me.

But before I get to the question, let me preface it by explaining some of my basis for this wonderment.

Earlier yesterday, I recieved a skills/interest study result which proclaimed that I should really pursue three different areas of study. Counceling (no duh), Fashion (wtf?), and *drumroll* becoming a Religious Leader.

The result of Religious Leader caused me a whole lot of giggles and laughter. For years, I'd been facetiously claiming that I needed to start my own religion. From making fun of Global Warming, to half-seriously considering a religion based in corn avoidance.. Starting a cult has been a running joke.

So to see in text from a respected skills/interest survey, that I should indeed consider this Religious Leader fascination.. Really had me rolling.

Then came this conversation.. which made me stop and wonder if maybe I not only had the power to be a Religious Leader, but maybe I could in fact become a "God" myself...

My friend, in all seriousness, asked me this. (quotes as close to verbatim as possible) We had been talking about shoes.

"On that note, You know I've been meaning to ask you something, because I know you'll most likely know the answer... Lately, I've been driving down the road and I see on the side of the road, one shoe. Just one shoe..."

At this point I interrupt her with "Seriously? This is the answer you think I'M going to KNOW?"

She responds in all seriousness, "I haven't got to the question yet. And yes"

(I and anyone else knows where this is going, so to be polite I let her finish, but I'm laughing anyway)

"So I see these shoes on the side of the road. Just one adult sized shoe. The left shoe. And I was wondering if you knew why?"

Her tone was that of complete seriousness, as if she just asked me if I knew why they used yeast in bread, or who was the first President of the USA.

So I'm thinking to myself.. Ok.. WHY in the world would someone think that "I" would know why adults in Nebraska (I live in Austin) would throw their left shoe out the window of their car.

My only conclusion is that people really do think I'm a God (or have a very special information relationship with Him) or they're insane... in which this "God" thing might actually work.

Seriously, I didn't need any more fuel for that fire. :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

King Corn: Movie Review

I finally got to see the movie, King Corn, on Sunday. It was interesting and had a fair amount of humor. It definitely wasn't boring.

It also wasn't as hard hitting as I expected, nor did it get into all the different derivatives that are made from corn.

It was a rather cursory overview of corn farming and where that corn goes, which I'm certain is quite eye opening to many people across the nation who aren't very in touch with America's corporate farming roots. It also touched on heath issues caused by overindulging in corn, both for humans and animals.

Since I've been researching corn, corn syrup, subsidies, etc for quite a while now, most of the movie was pretty elementary for me.

The one thing I did find educational and highly amusing was the portion of the movie focused on Ian and Curt's attempt to make corn syrup in their kitchen. (Since they couldn't get a film tour of a corn syrup refinery.) Anyone who thinks that corn syrup is "natural" really needs to see that part of the movie. I'm not exactly sure what was added to the corn to make syrup, and maybe Curt and Ian can give us the recipe? A couple of the ingredients they added looked like poison, and the directions for making it were very long and involved. Not exactly what I'd consider "natural".

This movie is still a "must-see" in my book, and something that I plan to buy if it comes out on DVD. I will probably buy several copies and give them out as Christmas gifts. That way my friends and family can have visual proof of the things I've been trying to say for years now. :)

Change isn't going to happen overnight, but with books, movies, and public demand, maybe we can get the ball rolling a little faster.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

ShortPacked Comic - Anti-Semitic

It's been bugging me all week. Sitting in the back of mind, haunting me during idle moments.

I like to think I'm open minded and forgiving of others opinions and biases, and I've tried all week to read this comic with rose colored glasses. Unfortunately, I cannot find a tint of rose-colored glass that covers over the glaringly anti-jewish statement.

The thing is David Willis could have stopped at "like Abe Rosenberg, Israel Finkelstein" Or he could have added "and others", but instead he wrote "Jacob McJewLastName" thus labeling all writers in the strike as Jews as if their ancestry/beliefs had anything to do with it.

There are times that people mis-speak, or absentmindly let their biases take over, but I don't consider this one of those times. I also believe that people should have a right to their views as well.

But I also have a right to mine.

And that is why I'll not be reading ShortPacked! or any other David Willis comics ever again.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

King Corn

King Corn is coming to a theatre near you (hopefully) so look for it. If its not coming to a theatre near you, pester your local cinema to get it.

I haven't seen the film yet, but it's really bringing a lot of education to the world (USA at least) about the overuse of corn in our diets. (Yeah!!!)

The makers of King Corn are also doing a "Corn-Free Challenge" for the month of November, which I enourage everyone to at least attempt to do as much as they can.

Its not an easy feat, but it will definitely be a good experience, not to mention the health benefits.. because you can't really do corn-free and eat junkfood.