Friday, March 23, 2007

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss

I have just finished watching what has to be the best film I’ve seen in a long while. While the film is predominantly gay, with its token straight couple, it’s overriding theme about the search for the love of your life is applicable to everyone.

The film Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss has one fantastically accurately truthfully beautifully captured scene which has prompted me to write this post.

The scene is a scene that most of us have probably had in our lives at least once, if not numerous times. But never before in film have I ever seen this scene so accurately portrayed.

The scene is two friends with possible sexual chemistry, due to reasons which they both agree are valid (whether they really are or not), end up sharing a bed for a night.

It is a very captivating scene. Where there is so much tension, as they both are unsure whether or not the other shares their interest and each are afraid of ruining the friendship.

So the subtle dance begins.

Since they’re both chicken, they pretend to be asleep. One sleepingly pretends to change position and “happens” to touch the other letting their body rest in that position for a bit, waiting to see what the other one does. When nothing happens, he pulls his arm away and waits, giving up hope. But then the other, sleepingly adjusts his position so they’re touching again. Unsure if this is intentional, or a sleeping move, he snuggles in a bit to test the waters. Then the other moves into the snuggle a bit.

It is a very slow, tension-filled dance that brought back so many memories for me. I had forgotten how that intense timidity felt, but the movie brings it all back to life and lets the viewer share this intimate moment as if you’re there in it. It has to be the most touching scene in a movie that I have seen in a long long time.

There is a similar themed scene in “Just Friends”, but Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss captures it much better with more heart and less cheesiness.

Honestly, even if you’re homophobic, it’s worth watching this movie if only just for that scene.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This goes out to the hard work of the Orthodox Union

Feeling Normal.

Ok.. maybe normal is a little strong. But I've been on a really restricted diet for quite a while now, and have not had a good time trying to find corn-free foods at the grocery stores.

So now its Springtime, and that means Passover. This is the time that I thank God for Jewish people. No, I’m not being facetious or in any way making light of Judaism. I honestly love them for giving me a few months each year of bliss.

Here's why: Their Kosher For Passover (KFP) guidelines are a god-send for those of us allergic to corn, rice, and beans.

Today I purchased $300 worth of food stuffs at the grocery store. Why you ask? Mostly because there was $300 of food stuffs at the grocery store that I could purchase and safely eat. And I didn't even clean off their shelves.

To be frank, KFP season is like a two - three month long party for those of us allergic to corn. Corn-free candies, pickles, canned fruits, tomato sauces, gum, coffee, vanilla, food colorings, etc. hit the shelves of Kosher grocery stores all over the country. And has ready-made cakes for sale that are all free of corn, rice, and beans. Do you know how long its been since I've purchased a cake?

Today, I pigged out on chocolate covered orange peels, fruit chew candy, gummy bears. I even had toast and jam for breakfast, and a juice box!!

And right now, I'm finishing off today with a Bud Light (which isn't probably KFP, but someone said it was corn-free so in my excitement I decided to check it out, and so far so good.)

I feel normal. Despite the hoarding of the limited supply of KFP goods that I'll need for the rest of the year, and trying to figure out where to store it all, I feel normal.

I'm hopefull actually. For the last few months, I have been in the dumps trying to think of where I can find corn-free foods, as each tidbit of pleasure food I had seemed to be corn-taminated and thus had to be eliminated. So now I have $300 worth of food stuffs (and I'll probably go back to the store for a few other things), so I feel calm, relaxed, and worry-free. I'm no longer wondering what I am going to eat tomorrow. I know I have a pile of food just waiting for me to eat it, and thats a peaceful thought.