Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Dream Home

Referred to this "dream home" planner by Howard Tayer of Schlock Mercenary, I decided to give it a go. You know cats & curiosity.

I have to say that its not too far off.. though I'd replace the Ferrari's with a variety of cars ranging from a Hummer, to sports cars, to ecological cars... so that I'd have one to fit whatever mood I was in that day. The dog would probably be a border collie or something similar. I will never own a doberman. (oh and I have no idea what "Rich Man, Poor Man" is.)

To see my dream home plans.. Magic Magnate's Manor.

Friday, September 28, 2007


I hate having to eat my words. Earlier today before I left the house to run some errands (ok, I went shopping). I sent a message to an old friend about how much less drama my life has now.

I should have known to cross my fingers when I hit send.

While I'm out shopping, my husband calls and says he can't get to the house because its blocked off by the police. So he asks an officer if he can get into the house, they said no, but wouldn't tell him what was going on. He also saw a SWAT team getting out and ready for action. So he went back to work, and told me to call him when I went home if I could get in.

So about a half hour later, I'm done shopping (yeah like I'm ever really done) and I went home to check on things. Neighbors, which I've never met, are standing out on the corner just outside the taped off areas talking.

Everything is still cordoned off, so I can't get to our house.. though I can see it clearly and there are cops, and cop cars, and lights flashing. Seriously it looked like our house was under arrest.

So I ask the people gathered on the corner watching the action.. "Do you know whats going on?"

Evidently, a kid (male) was mentally disturbed.. rumored to be bipolar.. and had locked himself up in his house with a gun. The father supposedly got out and called the police.

I don't know any of these people, and honestly I'm a little glad that I haven't taken the time to get to know all my neighbors after this incident. :)

I'd left the house at 4pm, and we finally sneaked into the house after parking the cars a block or so away at around 8:45pm. I was starving and starting to panic about not being able to eat as I cannot eat out due to multiple food allergies. I even went to Whole Foods to pick up a can of tuna and a can opener. :)

And our poor dog.. When we got home, we found her hiding under the back deck scared. Evidently, sirens and flashing lights is too much drama for her as well.

The flashing lights and drama cleared up around 10pm. Which we finally could go get our cars and park them at the house.

So much for being drama-free. This just isn't something you'd expect in our neighborhood. I lived in Chicago in a newly reformed crackhead neighborhood without this kinda drama, but in a rural upscale neighborhood in Austin ? The scene was just so out of place all I could do was laugh. I wish I'd have taken pictures. :)